Xuan Song (Age: 22)

Sponsor Xuan Song

Xuan Song was born in Henan Province, China in 1995. She is now at the second year of Master degree in Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. She has had a passion for music since childhood and she took her first piano lessons at age 6. She was admitted to the Middle School attached to Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2007 and studied piano under the guidance of Mr. Gao Di-ke and Ms. Li Jian-jian. She excelled in her studies and was named "Merit Student", "Excellent Student Cadre", "Model Student of Academic Excellence" and won many other awards. In recent years, she has participated in many master classes in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and played for such renowned pianists as Fou Ts'ong, Yong-Hi Moon, O.Yablonskaya, E. Halim, B. Snyder, Sheng Yuan, S. D. Buechner, S. Mikowsky. Blanca Uribe,Thomas Schumacher,Marc Silverman. Since 2011, she has been under the tutelage of Dr. Cheung-yu Mo, Professor and Director of Teaching and Research of the Piano Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Now, she is under the tutelage of Professor Yong Hi Moon, Chair of Keyboard Department of Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University.

In 2012, she won the second prize in the Professional Category of the 7th Guangzhou Piano Open Competition. In 2013, she won the second prize in the First China Belle Piano Competition in Shanghai. In 2016, She won the second prize of youth group in the piano competition of MRL winter festival in United States New York International Music Camp.

Xuan has participated in the 2010 & 2012 Shanghai International Piano Festival & Institute, the 2014 International Piano Festival of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the 2015 International Piano Seminar of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the 2016 The Winter Festival of The MRL International Musical Arts Academy, the 2016 Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival and the 2018 Bowdoin International Music Festival.