Nianyi Huang (Age: 20)

Sponsor Nianyi Huang

Nianyi Huang was born into a musical family in Anhui Province, China in 1998. He started learning piano performance from the age of 4. His first piano teacher is his mother. Under her guidance, Nianyi has kept his passion for piano and won a number of piano competitions in Anhui Province. After that, he pursued his piano study after Prof.

Meige Li, former Associate Professor of Piano Department of Shanghai Normal University. In 2010, he was admitted into the Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, with major of piano performance, later on, continuing his study in high school. He was taught by Prof. Xiao Luo until his Junior high school sophomores, then he was guided by Prof. Yun Sun, a professor of Piano Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music until 2016, the year he admitted to Manhattan School of Music with full-tuition scholarship. Since then, he joined Prof. Phillip Kawin's studio up to now. Prof. Phillip Kawin is currently Chair of the College Faculty Council. He has been a member of the Manhattan School of Music College faculty since 1989 and of the Precollege faculty since 1986.

He made his debut recital in Shanghai in June, 2012. After he got The Third Prize in the piano competition of 2014 Shanghai International Piano Festival & Institute, he made his second concert at Anhui Grand Theater, in Hefei, in July, 2014. In the same year, he got The Third Prize in The Youth Piano Competition of the European Music Academies. In August, 2015, he won The Second Place in SEILER&SAMICK Youth Piano Competition. In 2016, his last year of high school, he got the Scholarship from Shanghai Conservatory, Ende Niu Foundation, and he completed his study in high school by holding a recital in Music Hall of Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 2017, his first-year musical life in Manhattan School of Music, he won the Second Place in Dora Zaslavsky Koch Piano Concerto Competition. In July, 2017, he made a recital at Music Hall of Nanjing Steinway Hall in China. In 2018, he was a finalist of Eisenberg/Fried Concerto Competition. He just won the Shanghai Spring International Piano E-Competition in May, also he got the first prize of “adult group” and “best performance of chosen pieces” in this competition. In May 26th, He gave a concert at Yaohai Grand Theater in Hefei City. He will perform a concert on July, 22nd in Chaohu City.