Haowen Lin (Age: 23)

sponsor Haowen Lin

I have been studying piano when I was a kid. Since then, my passion and musicality have been cultivated so that music and piano have been part of my life. I think I should not waste my summer and apply for this festival to pursue continuously in piano. This is a deliberate consideration.

My first professional piano teacher is Youdan Zhang who is a associate professor of Shenzhen University. And then, I got into the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and studied with Yuliang Tu. I transferred to The university of Kansas in 2017, and now, I am studying with Prof. Jack Winerock.I have also attended numerous master classes by artist-teachers, such as Alvin Chow, Robert Shannon, Bruce Brubaker, Michael Leuschner and so on. Participating piano festival which is a good way to improve and refine my professional experience and skills. Hence, I am fond of attending many kinds of music festivals, master classes and competitions. I won the first prize in the seventh Hong Kong International Piano Invitation Competition and 2nd prize in the Wiesbaden International Piano Competition, Asian-Pacific Region. In 2017, I have been awarded with 2nd prize of the Kansas Music Teachers Association competition. In recent years, I have attended the Cooper Piano Festival in Oberlin Conservatory of Music and Jiulong Riverside Piano Music Festival in Chongqing It would be my pleasure to participate and study in the Classicalbridge Festival.