Glenn Cornett, MD, PhD, is a biotech entrepreneur who has a passion for the arts.

On (mainly) weekends, Glenn’s office (a former ball-bearing factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard neighborhood) becomes Spectrum, a performance venue focused on contemporary concert music.  2,000 events have been presented at Spectrum since the venue opened during February 2012 in Manhattan.  Glenn is a composer/performer, playing guitar, electronics, piano and synthesizer.
Glenn’s recent compositions have involved

1) Transformations of tone rows, many of them mathematically derived from texts
2) Themes based on transformations of climate-change data
3)  Use of electric guitar modified by / in conjunction with Max/MSP and Ableton Live
4)  Indonesian gamelan samples and structures

He has studied composition and performance in a number of settings, including composition at Darmstadt during the Summers of 2014 & 2016, as well as Indonesian gamelan composition / performance (in Bali and Java) during Summer 2015.

Dr. Cornett runs Pastorus, a firm he founded in 2008, focused on drugs for autism, schizophrenia and substance abuse.  Previously, he founded Navitas Pharma in 2004 and led it through a (favorable) investor exit 3.5 years later in 2008.  Earlier work included positions at McKinsey, Eli Lilly and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Glenn holds an MD with Distinction in Research from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA.  His dissertation was on human deep-brain responses to musical stimuli.  He grudgingly admits that diet and exercise are more important than the pharmaceutical industry to the health of most individuals.  He has a black belt in karate and has run 14 marathons, most recently in Bangalore, India during November 2017.